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From wedding dress to entertainment, here the top 5 wedding trends for 2022 destination weddings

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top wedding trends 2022

The definitive list of the 5 trends you will see everywhere next year

Here’s what to expect to see in post-pandemic weddings on the Amalfi Coast

In recent years, covid-19 has profoundly changed wedding trends and the world of events, delaying the plans of many engaged couples and straining their nerves due to the unpredictable changes, postponements and cancellations due to the pandemic.
While some couples, determined to get married, have scaled down their dreams, many others have pushed their big day to the next year. Now, with the broad coverage achieved by the vaccine and greater awareness of prevention measures, brides want to regain control and celebrate their wedding in a more inclusive and majestic way. Here is a guide to the top 5 wedding trends we will see in 2022.


Destination weddings

Virtual save-the-dates

Second weddings

Versatile dresses

Interactive entertainment

Destination weddings

After months in lockdown, now people want to travel, discover new places, explore and have fun! With increased vaccination rates and easing of global restrictions, we foresee a return to celebrations in dream location. It goes without saying that Italy with its wide variety of atmospheres and landscapes is one of the top destinations!
Couples want to completely transport themselves and their guests – with their mind, body and senses – into an enchanting space, in which to live a memorable experience made of authentic cuisine, breathtaking views and impressive decorations.

Virtual Save-the-Dates

With so many couples having to make changes to their original wedding date, it’s no wonder the demand for virtual save-the-dates has increased. This trend will last for a while yet!
Digital save-the-dates are perfect for modern couples and suit well to last-minute changes, as well as being cheaper and more sustainable, yet fail to replicate the romance of the printed paper. This is why, while we are witnessing an increase in digital save-the-dates, the charm and popularity of old-style invitations does not fall at all, the sending of which is sometimes delayed compared to the pre-pandemic timeline but always follows the virtual save-the-date.

Second weddings

As the situation starts to look good, those who married on a smaller scale in 2021 are planning to remarry, in order to celebrate in style and with an larger guest list.
Normally, a second wedding with the same partner a few months after the first would sound strange, but for couples whose plans are derailed due to the pandemic, it’s far from being excessive! A second wedding rewards the spouses with the opportunity to celebrate their love as they had always dreamed, in the way and with the people they love.

Versatile dresses

2021 has taught us to have flexibility. Many spring brides last year have had to postpone their wedding to summer or fall when, thanks to the introduction of the Green Pass, they have finally been able to get married. When seasons change and weddings pend, a plan b is needed even for the look. So ateliers and boutiques are starting to offer more versatile wedding gowns, that can easily adapt to any season thanks to removable sleeves, matched shwals and layered skirts.

Interactive entertainment

Another consequence of the pandemic is a growing demand for new, interactive and engaging forms of entertainment. For 2022 couples it is important to experience the fun of the wedding in first person, tired of a life filtered by the screen of a computer/smartphone or by protective plexiglass barriers.

These are the main wedding trends for next year and we can’t wait to find them in our weddings!

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