Top Wedding Venue in Positano, Amalfi Coast: Hotel Marincanto

Introducing the Hotel Marincanto in Positano, one of the most popular venue for your Amalfi Coast wedding

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marincanto hotel positano wedding venue

Introducing one of the most popular locations for your Amalfi Coast wedding

With its breathtaking sea view, this Positano wedding destination is perfect for a romantic elopement and mini wedding

Marincanto Hotel

At number 50 in Via Cristoforo Colombo you can find one of the most romantic wedding venues in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast: the Hotel Marincanto.
Its name means “Enchantment of the Sea” and recalls the ancient legends of sea and magic linked to the mythical Ulysses and the Mermaids who, according to Homeric tradition, populated the island of Li Galli. Exploring the refined rooms of this hotel you will be surprised to discover many little details that evoke those seafaring tales. My favorite? The glass elevator that, sliding, shows, as you go down, mermaids, fish and shells painted on the wall. It’s like diving into an aquatic world!

Marincanto Hotel
Why this venue is perfect for a Positano bride
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Why this venue is perfect for a Positano bride

The Hotel Marincanto is located in the heart of Positano, in a unique position that offers a spectacular view of the bay and of the sea, with Capri in the distance. Film set and place of inspiration for great painters, the place is an elegant and very suggestive location. It is the ideal Positano wedding venue for elopements and mini weddings as it can host events up to 55 people!

In addition, it has cozy and bright rooms for couples and families with the possibility of reserving an entire area of ​​the property for your group. So you can keep friends and families close to you and combine the joy of celebration with the lightheartedness of a family vacation!

Symbolic ceremony

The property consists of several terraces overlooking the sea. The most panoramic of them can be used to celebrate a symbolic, Protestant, Jewish or Hindu ceremony. The standard time for the ceremony is five o’clock. In fact, at that time the climate is not sultry and, above all, the atmosphere becomes super romantic: while the sun sets on the sea offering a beautiful play of light for your wedding photos, the sky is tinged with unforgettable pastel colors so that you seems to be in a paiting!

Wedding dinner

At the end of the wedding ceremony on the rooftop terrace, a delicious aperitif with prosecco, canapés and savory pastries is served to the newlyweds and their guests. Of course you can’t miss the auspicious toast with prosecco while live musicians cheer up the day with traditional Italian songs.
The cocktail hour lasts about an hour, then the bridal party moves to the outdoor hotel restaurant, Terrazza Celè. Terrazza Celè owes its name to Celeste, the founder of the Marincanto, who was so affectionately called by her husband. Surrounded by colums adorned with fragrant bougainvillea, the restaurant offers a Mediterranean ambiance reminiscent of a garden overlooking the sea.

For couples who want more privacy, as an alternative to Terrazza Celè, it is possible to enjoy the seated dinner on the beautiful terrace for exclusive use of Villa L’Incanto, the 18th century villa attached to the hotel. If you choose to dine here, a dedicated waiter will serve the banquet in an even more intimate and familiar atmosphere: under a ceiling of stars and lit by candles, you will taste the best dishes of the Italian cuisine while the sound of the waves gently pamper your senses. And if you have special dietary needs, do not hesitate to ask the chef for a customization of the meal: alternative menus for vegans, celiacs and diabetics are available on request.


The hotel offers comfortable and welcoming accommodation overlooking the sea. Each room is unique and curated in every detail with elegant furnishings and large windows that let in lots of light and the smell of the sea and flowers.
This Amalfi Coast wedding venue has an infinity pool surrounded by solarium terraces from which you can enjoy a spectacular 360 ° panorama. Whether it’s a light lunch to be consumed under an umbrella, or an aperitif served directly in the water, the staff is always available ready to satisfy your every wish. Between hedges and lemon groves there is also an equipped fitness area so you can keep fit while enjoying nature. Last but not least: the hotel is located right on the main road and has its own parking. It might seem obvious but in a vertical town like Positano, a venue accessible directly from the road and with private parking has something extra! It will be very appreciated by guests with heavy suitcases, elderly persons, childrens and even by the vendors who have to unload flowers and decorations on the wedding day.

Civil Ceremony and Catholic Ceremony

In Italy it is not possible to have a civil ceremony in a place other than the Town Hall or a property owned or managed by the Municipality, such as a municipal garden, a park, a museum or a monument. In Positano, the only place where you can have a civil ceremony is the panoramic terrace on the roof of the Town Hall, not very far from the Marincanto hotel. This terrace offers an amazing view of the sea and can be decorated with flower garlands or arches.

As for the Catholic Christian ceremony, it must necessarily take place in a consecrated Church. The church closest to the Marincanto hotel is the Church of S. Maria Assunta, a stone’s throw from the main beach called Spiaggia Grande.

Disco party

On the Amalfi Coast, according to municipal regulation, it is not allowed to spread music after midnight (or eleven o’clock, depending on the town where the event takes place). While a silent disco can be a solution for other locations, the Marincanto Hotel has the advantage of a strategic position: through the stairs adjacent to the structure, in fact, you can reach the disco club on the beach in a few minutes. So the dancing party can continue there until dawn!

Advices from our wedding planner

Ultimately, the Marincanto Hotel is a popular wedding venue for destination couples because of its Dolce Vita vibes, for the warm welcome of the staff who make you feel at home, for the excellent food, the beauty of the places and the privileged location. It might seem perfect already, but here are some tips from our wedding planner to make the wedding experience even more beautiful!

Choose a suitable color palette

The spaces of the Marincanto Hotel are in delicate pastel shades: the earthy color of the majolica floors, the green of the flowers, the blue of the sea. Go against the tradition of a total white to prevent your wedding colors from appearing dull and instead opt for colorful and bold choices that complete and enhance the venue: orange, red, beige, yellow, peach or blush.

Keep the volume low

Keep the volume low… during the dinner! While for the ceremony the live entertainment with violin, piano, guitar or mandolin is a must to make the moment particularly touching and bring tears of joy to mum and dad, for the wedding dinner my advice is to encourage the conversation at the table. Therefore ask to use the audio equipment provided by the hotel to spread your favorite background playlist directly from your iPhone and keep the volume low. I can assure you that the great view, the flickering of the candles and the joy of the day foster open-hearted, meaningful and moving communications. There is nothing better to unite the family!

Plan pre and post wedding activities

To fully experience the Positano lifestyle, organize something fun in the days before or after the wedding. The options are so many: boat rides, wine tastings and pizza parties are the favorites of our clients!

Tips from our trusted photographer Sergio Sorrentino

Marincanto is an absolutely stunning venue in the Amalfi Coast, as it offers a dream combination of beauty and comfort. You can enjoy a relaxing and intimate wedding celebration and in the same time being inside the town of Positano.

Therefore for the wedding photos this is a great advantage, already from the getting ready part. The big and luminous spaces offered by the bridal suite will make the happiness of your wedding photographer.

Not mentioning how wonderful is to have the unique vertical architecture of Positano as a backdrop of the ceremony! This is the biggest highlight to me, the ceremony terrace offers a breathtaking scenario.

Wedding photos on the beach

Concerning the couple photographs, there are endless options. Including the beach of Marina Grande. As this magnificent beach with its unique backdrop is probably one of the places you surely want to have your couple portraits taken, you can easily access it without passing trough the busy main road. The venue provides a direct access with a private staircase.

Positano Boat Tour

One more spectacular idea is to have a boat ride. No matter if you decide to have it for your couple photographs or for a welcome event. A boat tour in Positano is really something to experience and truly remarkable. Regardless of whether you decide to be just you two or celebrate with your closest friends. Champagne and sunglasses are recommended for both options!

Hence, if you’re dreaming of getting married in Positano, Hotel Marincanto is surely a venue to consider.

Real Wedding featured on Wedding Sparrow

Did you also fall in love with this wedding location? Then let me show you Marincanto Hotel in all its beauty in these timeless images of a romantic real wedding in Positano by Sergio Sorrentino. It was also published on Wedding Sparrow!

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