The guide to lighting up your wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Monica from Amalfi Soirée talks about how to create a romantic atmosphere with lights for your destination wedding in Italy

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amalfi coast wedding guide

15 tips to create a romantic atmosphere with lights for your destination wedding in Italy

Discovering the wedding lighting design

When it comes to wedding design, lighting is a very underestimated aspect but it can significantly elevate the atmosphere of your celebration in an exclusive villa in Positano or in an enchanted garden overlooking the sea in Ravello!
Whether it’s an intimate candlelit dinner or a big dance party, a correct lighting makes the difference: it adds romance, improves the look of the wedding location, allows you to have a beautiful background for your wedding photos, sets the right mood and raise the guest experience. Think about it: don’t you feel more confident dancing under colored lights rather than with an aseptic hospital light ?!

Therefore, here is a brief overview of the most appreciated solutions by brides eloping to Italy. Choose the one that best suits your style!

15 Types of lights to use for decorating your Amalfi Coast wedding

Votive candles
Romantic small tea candles in glass containers, perfect for decorating the table.

Pillar candles
Candles with large circumferences, often used for decorating entrances and stairways as they have an impactful presence.

Tall thin candles, arranged in gold or brass vintage candle holders. They add romance and drama to the table.

Hanging Candles
Placed in glass or crystal drops to hang on trees or pergolas, they are particularly suitable for outdoor locations.

Often used to decorate the altar where the ceremony takes place, they create a nice focal point.

Available in different materials (crystal, copper, gold..) and sizes, they are used to add height to the table. Decorated with flowers, they can replace the centerpieces.

The most popular chandeliers are the crystal ones. It is possible to use them in a very creative way by hanging them outside, under pergolas and trees.

Fairy Light Canopy
Strings of white or yellow lights fixed in order to create a ceiling of sparkling lights or a “starry sky” effect.

Set of static white or colored LED lights used to highlight details such as trees, columns, arches.

Small lights used to illuminate a small area, such as a centerpiece on a table.

They allow to project the monogram with the couple’s initials or other projections, even animated, on walls, floors, ceilings. They add dimension and texture to the venue.

Dance Floor
A dance floor with a lighted floor is a fun solution for the after dinner dancing.

Led lights and Mirror Ball
Equipment often provided by the DJ, includes spotlights, moving colored lights and strobosphere. Fun guaranteed!

Sticks with a flammable tip that creates beautiful golden sparks. They are often distributed among the guests before the cake cutting for adding magic to the moment.

The pyrotechnic fires give off colored light when they burn, illuminating the sky with a thousand colors and shapes. On the Amalfi Coast it is not uncommon for the pyrotechnic staff to launch the fires from a boat, so that the fireworks can reflect on the sea. The colors vary depending on the combustion material: strontium salts for the red, copper salts for the blue, magnesium and incandescent aluminum for the silver, magnesium, aluminum and titanium for the white and so on.

Bonus: Useful advices for a correct use of wedding lights

Finally, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • hire a specialized company to avoid unpleasant and expensive accidents
  • correctly place candles and lights to avoid conflagrations
  • use glass protectors for the candles to prevent the wax from dripping on the tablecloths and the wind or air flows from blowing out the flame
  • use flame retardant curtains and tablecloths
  • as for candles on the table, make sure they do not block the guests’ view

So what kind of light do you want to use for lighting up your wedding on the Amalfi Coast? Let’s talk: write me at

CREDITS: Sergio Sorrentino Fotografie

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