The definitive guide for traveling to Italy in summer 2021

From the Green Pass to the entry requirements, the ultimate guide to travel to Italy from the USA during the covid and avoid quarantine

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Guide for traveling to Italy in 2021

Everything you need to know to enter Italy from Usa and more

Useful tips to travel safely during the covid, from the green pass to the travel restrictions to the current situation in Italy

Europe has finally reopened its borders to foreign travelers and even the world of weddings is restarting in safety. Finally you can enter Italy and move freely around the country to discover its beauties!
If you’re planning on joining the joyful crowd of vacationers, here’s all you need to know about the travel requirements, the entry restrictions and the latest news about green pass, vaccines, local rules and wedding protocols.

Entry requirements and travel restrictions to enter Italy
Traveling from Europe to Italy
Traveling from USA to Italy
Traveling from other countries to Italy
Getting the paperworks
Paper self-certification and digital Passenger Locator Form
Reporting your presence to the regional Heath Authority or ASL
Avoiding the quarantine thanks to the covid tested flights
Green Pass for European citizens
Getting the Green Pass for European people
Green Pass for USA and extra-European citizens
Recommendations for travelers
Situation in Italy
Protocol for weddings in Italy
Traveling to other countries in Europe
Returning to your country after visiting Italy
Other resources for travelers

Entry requirements and travel restrictions to enter Italy (Last update: 29 June 2021)

Italy is allowing international visitors to enter the country, however entry rules vary depending on the country of departure. Remember that information can change quickly. For this reason, before you leave, check the government travel advisories or consult the Italian embassy in your country. You will find useful links to these sources within this article.

Traveling from Europe to Italy

The borders within Europe have been reopened in January 2021, after the Christmas period.
Currently, arrivals are allowed from most of Europe for any reason: AAustria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark (Greenland and Faer Oer islands included), Estonia, Finland, France (including Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion, Mayotte and French Guyana, other territories fall under List E), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands (overseas territories, nations or regions outside the European continent are not included fall under List E), Poland, Portugal (Azores and Madeira included), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including territories situated in the African continent); Sweden, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway (including Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands), Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands and British bases on the island of Cyprus (the UK is subject to enhanced restrictions until July 30, 2021), Andorra, Principality of Monaco, Israel.
If you are coming from these countries, even if vaccinated, must:

  • have a Green Pass
  • fill in the paper self-certification or the digital Passenger Locator Form
  • inform the regional Health Authority (ASL) about your arrival

Warning! If you are unable to obtain a green pass, you must:

  • inform the regional Health Authority (ASL) about your arrival
  • self-isolate for ten days and undergone a molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab, at the end of the quarantine.

Traveling from USA to Italy

People from USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand can travel to Italy for tourism purposes. For entering Italy they must:

  • have a Green Pass or (for Canadian, Japanese and people from United States) a certifications issued by the competent authorities of their country (in this case you don’t have to apply for an EU Green Pass).
  • fill in the paper self-certification or the digital Passenger Locator Form
  • inform the regional Health Authority (ASL) about your arrival

Warning! If you are unable to exhibit an evidence of a molecular or antigen test or if you are not traveling on a covid tested flight you must:

  • submit a molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab, with negative result, in the 72 hours before the arrival
  • inform the regional Health Authority (ASL) about your arrival
  • self-isolate for ten days and undergone a molecular or antigenic test, carried out by means of a swab, at the end of the quarantine.

Traveling from other countries to Italy

If you are traveling from a country other than those mentioned, you can check the entry requirements at the link of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here:

I recommend to consult these guidelines even if you have stayed in a country other than those mentioned in the 14 days before your trip to Italy.

Getting the paperworks

As you may have noticed, the documentation required to enter Italy is the same regardless of your country of departure. Where to get it? Let’s see it in detail.

Paper self-certification and digital Passenger Locator Form

These are two similar documents – one is on paper, the other is digital – with which the information about your travel itinerary, phone number and address of stay in Italian territory are collected to allow the Health Authority to contact you promptly, if you are exposed to the virus while traveling by plane. You have to fill in only one of the two document – they have the same value – before your entry in Italy.

Reporting your presence to the regional Heath Authority or ASL

One of the first things to do after your arrival in Italy is to report your presence to the Local Health Authority or ASL.
In some Italian regions it is possible to do it online, however, especially if this option is not provided for your destination and you need to call, as in Campania region, I recommend you to ask your wedding planner for help because the knowledge of the Italian language is required.

Find more information about the phone numbers of the regional ASL and the forms for “reporting arrivals and returns” at this link.

Please note that if during your stay in Italy you should any flu-like symptoms compatible with COVID-19 arise, you must report it immediately to the local Health Authority, by calling dedicated local numbers indicated at the link above. While waiting for further Health Authority decisions, you must put yourself in self-isolation.

For information related to molecular or antigenic test in Italy, you can refer to the following phone numbers:

From abroad: +39 0232008345 – +39 0283905385
In Italy: 1500 (free)

Avoiding the quarantine thanks to the covid tested flights

If you are a citizen from a country for which a 10-day isolation is required, you can skip the quarantine by traveling on a covid tested flight.
The test protocol varies by airline. Generally, passengers of covid free flights must test negative on a quick test at the airport before boarding and on a test carried out immediately upon arrival at their destination. There are also special safety protocols during the flight.
Covid-tested flights have been active since January and an increase in the number of flights and routes covered is expected from next July.

Green Pass for European citizens

Italy is already issuing its own Green Certificate: this is connected to the database of the Italian ASL and can only be requested by Italian citizens. Italy is also ready to connect to the gateway of the Covid digital certificate of the European Union. This means that starting from July 1st it will accept and consider valid the Green Passes issued by other European countries. Green pass provides the proof that a person:

  • has been vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved by the European Commission (Astrazeneca, Pfizer/BionTech, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson. You must have completed the vaccination cycle for at least 14 days before your entry into Italy. The certification is valid for 9 months from the date of completion of the vaccination.
  • has received a negative test result for corona virus (swab carried out 72 hours before the departure for PCR tests and, where accepted by a Member State, 48 hours for rapid antigen tests)
  • has recovered from COVID-19 (positive PCR test result valid for 180 days).

National health authorities and authorized centers are responsible for issuing the certificate, which can be both paper and digital and are free. The Green Pass will exempt from the travel restrictions set by the Italian government. For more information, please refer to the following website:

>> EU Digital Covid Certificate <<

Getting the Green Pass for European people

Starting from July 1st (probable but not certain date) the European Green Pass will come into use. If you are an European citizen and you’ve received the certification of complete vaccination, negative test result or recovery from COVID-19 issued by your European country, you can get the EU Digital Covid certificate or Green Pass by visiting the ‘Digital green certificate’ website. Your data will arrive on the platform in real time. Once the Green Pass has been generated, you will receive a message via text message or email with the code which will allow you to download the QR code. At this point you can download it on the mobile phone or print it.

Green Pass for people from USA, Canada, Japan

If you come from Canada, Japan or United States and you are in possession of a Covid Green Certification, issued by the health authorities of your country, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance of June 18, 2021, you can use it to enter Italy without the obligation of double testing and quarantine.

To be recognized as valid, the Green Certification must certify one of these three cases:

  • anti SARS-CoV-2 vaccination with a vaccine recognized by the EMA: you must have the certification of the completion of the vaccination cycle for at least 14 days before your entry into Italy. The certification is valid for 9 months from the date of completion of the vaccination;
  • healing from Covid-19, with termination of the prescribed isolation following the infection;
  • molecular or antigen test with negative result carried out in the 48 hours before your entry into Italy.

NOTE FOR US CITIZENS: U.S. citizens must provide certification issued by a U.S. authority certifying ONE of the following requirements:

1. Anti-Covid 19 vaccination certificate of one of the vaccinations recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and that is Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and AstraZeneca. The date of the final vaccine dose must be at least 14 days prior to travel. Approved languages of the certificate are Italian, English, Spanish, and French. The certificate can be in digital or paper format. Travelers vaccinated in the United States can prove this via the “white card” bearing the CDC logo.

2. A medical certificate confirming recovery from COVID dated no more than 6 months before departure.

3. A negative molecular PCR or rapid antigen test result carried out within 48 hours of departure.

Green Pass for extra-European citizens

There are currently no exceptions or changes to the travel rules for vaccinated people from extra European countries other than USA, Japan and Canada. According to rumors, if the European Commission will consider that a third country issues certificates that comply with standards and systems that are interoperable with the European system, it could take the decision that the certificates of that country are accepted under the same conditions of the digital European Green Passes. So far, however, we have no concrete news on the matter. While waiting for the European Green Pass to be extended to non-European people, the only certainty for avoiding the quarantine are the covid tested flights.

Recommendations for travelers

Once you have landed in Italy, there are some precautions to take in order to enjoy a beautiful and safe vacation. In particular, it is recommended to wear a face mask on your nose and mouth in public places and indoors. Avoid the crowds and stay at least 2 meters from anyone who has not traveled with you. It is important to do this everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Wash your hands often or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Find out about the rules in force in the country of destination and respect them. Download the Immuni app and use Bluetooth to track the contacts with potential infections during your stay in Italy.

Situation in Italy

Italy sees dramatic fall in virus cases. Currently, 49,9 million people have been vaccinated with the first dose in Italy (the total of citizen is 60 million). Over 17,8 million people has already received the second dose.

Italy is divided into zones, according to the levels of infection: red, orange, yellow and white. There are currently 7 white zones (Sardinia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise, Liguria, Veneto, Umbria and Abruzzo), qualified as extremely low risk and exempt from most of the restrictions. On June 4th, Lombardy, Lazio, Piedmont, Puglia, Emilia Romagna and the Province of Trento will also become white zones, and starting from June 21th it will be time for Sicily, Marche, Tuscany, Calabria, Campania and the Province of Bolzano. By the end of June, therefore, Italy will be officially and totally white.

In the white zone, life almost completely returns to normal and most of the restrictions are removed, starting with the curfew by 11pm. It is still in force the obligation of the face mask and social distancing.

You can check the color of your destination at this link:

>> Covid Zone <<

Protocol for weddings in Italy

The Prime Ministerial Decree in force from May 18 provides for the restart of wedding ceremonies and receptions from June 15th. It will be necessary to respect the following general measures:
• All types of ceremonies are allowed, both civil, religious and symbolic as long as they are carried out in compliance with current regulations.
• prepare adequate information on the prevention measures to be respected during the event
• Body temperature may be detected, preventing the access in case of temperature superior to 37.5 ° C
• Guests must present a certification or Green Pass at the entrance to the location stating that: a) They have received at least the first dose of vaccine in the 15 days prior to the event or have completed the vaccination no later than 9 months before the event; b) They have successfully overcome the disease within the previous 6 months; c) They have obtained a negative results from a test within 48 hours preceding the event
• Maintain the guest list for a period of 14 days
• Guests must wear a respiratory protective mask whenever they are not seated at the table and have a copy of the Green Pass or Green Certification with them
• In the wardrobes, clothing and personal items must be placed in special garment bags
• Where possible, favor the use of outdoor spaces (eg gardens, terraces), always respecting the distance of at least 1 meter between people or tables
• It is mandatory to keep open, unless the weather conditions or other situations of necessity do not allow it, doors, windows and balconies in order to favor the natural air exchange in the internal environments
• There is no maximum number of guests. The number of simultaneous presences is defined based on the size and capacity of the venue
• Reorganize the spaces in order to guarantee the access to the event in an orderly manner and avoid crowds
• Arrange the tables keeping the distance of at least 1 meter of separation between the guests of different tables in the indoor environments with the exception of people who, according to the provisions in force, are not subject to interpersonal distancing (cohabitants)
• It is possible to have a buffet but only with waiters at the food stations. The self-service mode can possibly be allowed for buffets made exclusively with single-dose packaged products
• Live music is allowed but activities and gathering occasions that do not allow the maintenance of the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter must be avoided. In the yellow area, the dance will be allowed only outside, and a surface area of ​​1.2 square meters per person must be guaranteed. The events with dancing in indoor spaces can only be organized in the white zones and with predefined times, guaranteeing a surface area of ​​2 square meters per person and empowering the air exchange of the room
• The bride and groom must deliver the favors to the guests after using hand sanitizers
• Online consultation of the menus must be preferred.

Warning! Consult your venue for more details, in particular for the maximum number of guests and the possibility of having dances inside that it depends on the size of the interior spaces.

Traveling to other countries in Europe

Are you planning a trip to a European country other than Italy? Check this website to take a look at the travel requirements by clicking on the country you’re interested in:

>> ReopenEurope <<

Returning to your country after visiting Italy

Check what are the requirements to come back to your country after staying in Italy. For example, you may need to undergone a test and self-isolate for a period of time. In Italy you can undergone a PCR testing before coming back to your country. The test is done in many pharmacies and even the most important airports, including the International Airport of Napoli (Naples), have an internal pharmacy. It costs around € 20-25 in Campania region, up to € 45 in the North Italy. You receive the result on your phone in few hours.

Other resources for travelers

Our definitive guide to international travels to Italy in Covid time ends here. In addition to these special precautions dictated by the particular situation we are experiencing, you may find useful to learn more about how to plan a stress-free vacation, honeymoon or destination wedding in Italy, even in “normal” times. From passport to visa, from travel insurance to packaging list, from transport to phone: this post will open your eyes to what you really need when you start planning your itinerary!

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