Full Service Planning and Design for sophisticated couples
with an authentic vision and impeccable taste

The heart of our planning and design process can be summarized in three simple words: to tell, to create, to share.
From the first contact, we commit ourselves to understand what is at the center of your love story. This is the focus of your wedding and serves as a guiding vision for creating intentional designs with a refined and timeless style, for artistic and unforgettable celebrations.
Every wedding detail is carefully elaborated so that your guests can enjoy a curate and bespoke experience out of the ordinary. We firmly believe that a beautiful party is not just about aesthetics, but rather about the atmosphere evoked through the design elements.
These details shape beautiful memories and deep and lasting sensations, to be shared with your loved ones.


As event designers, we imagine ourselves as idea-makers and visual storytellers whose purpose is to tell your love story using the aesthetic elements on the wedding day like the words on a page.
We use our experience for guiding you in the creative process and work closely with your vendors for making your wedding dream come true.
We take care of the logistics, suggest original design ideas and check that every aspect of the celebration is coherent, functional and naturally beautiful.
We also offer styling services on the wedding day that include collaborating with the photographer for taking a perfect photo gallery.


As wedding planners, we mainly focus on making not only your wedding but also the planning process pleasant and stress-free.
We begin by discussing your vision for the entire event. We proceed by putting you in contact with every vendor you need, from the make up artist to the celebrant.
We assist you with the paperworks, handle the logistic problems, the timelines, the layouts, the last minute emergencies, the budget, the payments, the contracts negotiation, the accomodations and the transport for your guests. We also coordinate the whole team, working closely with your wedding venue for elevating the overall experience of your guests.


Unlike many designers, we create the most of our floral arrangements in house, which creates an evident cohesion in the overall design.
Our floral designs look natural, unintentional, lush and garden-inspired. We love include even berries, greenery and seasonal fruits in order to add a local touch to each piece. Our flowers are mainly from the local farms, but occasionally they are shipped from all over the world to ensure that our clients get the highest quality product available. We strive to use environmentally friendly materials, avoiding harmful supports and chemicals substances.
By utilizing unique color palettes, thoughtful placement, and local ingredients, we create artful centerpieces and romantic bouquets.


We love to build special design project in-house to add unique and imaginative details to our client's events.
In particular, we offer services of Fine-Art Wedding Stationery whose style is romantic and nature-inspired. With a wide annual collection at your disposal, you can choose the design that better fits with your vision. Each suite allows customization options for printing method, paper type, envelope color and ink color.
We can print via letterpress, metallic foil or digital printing on luxury card stock, acrylic or handmade cotton paper.

We offer styling services for shootings and workshops.
These shootings are perfect for creatives who wish to elevate their portfolio and increase their visibility in the wedding industry.
We will help you to create images that will attract your ideal client and get your work noticed.
We organize also workshops and floral retreats. Get in touch to know more!

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