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My top 15 tips for Italianize your life

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be an italian woman

If you are obsessed with Italy and the Italian lifestyle, here are my top 15 tips to Italianize your life, wherever you are.

As an Amalfi Coast wedding planner, I find that my clients are not simply couples planning a destination wedding, but they are couples in love with my beautiful country, its people and all that is “made in Italy”.

If you also love everything related to this wonderful place, you will find interesting my advices for a more Italian lifestyle, tips and ideas that you can learn and adopt to live like a (true) Italian woman!

Start with a coffee

For Italians, the morning coffee is a real ritual to start the day well! Whether accompanied with a “cornetto” or not, the important thing is that it is made at home, with your favorite Moka. The scent of freshly brewed coffee is hard to beat!

Be true to yourself

Follow your instincts and be true to your style and values. Italian women are known for their stubbornness: we only follow what makes us feel good. Rather than following trends, we create them.

Make a “Bella Figura”

Making a “Bella Figura” means making a good impression of yourself on others. This extends far beyond dressing well and physical appearance and concerns an attitude of self confidence and effortlessness, education, refinement and positivity.

Live slowly

In a frenetic and modern world, the Italians – but in truth all the peoples of southern Europe – have remained faithful to the ancient rhythms. Sip a coffee slowly, walk admiring the landscape, take a siesta after lunch are just some of the pleasures of slow living. It is a lifestyle on a human scale, relaxing and carefree. Life is so much better if you live without haste and take the time to savor the present moment. Slow down when you can: have lunch in a park instead of at your desk, indulge in a small sweet after lunch, or sit at the table with your loved ones after eating just to discuss your day. It is really worth it!

Family is the only style

Family is the most important thing for Italians. It is a deep and unconditional love that will never fail. The family is the place where you can laugh out loud, open your heart, find advice and refuge. Every occasion is an opportunity to be together and this is particularly evident on holidays. Italian families organize large tables, welcome friends and relatives with kisses and hugs and discuss everything, while they prepare lunch and set the table. In front of abundant food and good wine, everyone feels at home even if they were just passing through and joined the meal by chance!

Build strong friendships

Look for people who share your interests and values, who can make you laugh, listen to you when you are down, help you in difficulties and be accomplices in little troubles!
These are true friends, the family you choose, and they will be there for you at every stage of your life. And of course, when it’s time for an “aperitivo”, a sort of Italian happy hour with drinks and something to nibble on.

Follow the Mediterranean diet

Food is the center of Italian life. We love to cook for our loved ones and eat well. For us it is important that the food is healthy, genuine, local and seasonal. The Sunday menu is the main topic of the family conversation the days before, and we are meticulous in food pairings. The meal must be balanced, served in a series of smaller portions with long waits between courses so that everyone gets full and digestion is facilitated. Italians eat a great variety of foods but everything in moderation, without ever depriving themselves of the pleasure of eating with taste.

Enjoy your glass of wine

With all the great Italian vineyards, it is no wonder that wine has a special place on the table. Italians consume a lot of wine but rarely get drunk because they always drink it while eating. Add it to your table too.

Reconnect to the nature

Taking a stroll, or “passeggiata”, is still the most popular pastime of Italians. But it’s not about walking. It is a tour of the city to admire the architecture, to greet friends, to grab an ice cream on the go. The “passeggiata” is done just for pleasure like most things in Italy, but it has many health benefits from improved circulation to relaxation and stress reduction.

Add passion

Italians love to exaggerate in everything, they are passionate and caring towards others. We love to celebrate life and share small pleasures. With us, a little romance and everything lights up with magic!

Show your emotions

Italians are not afraid to show their feelings. After all, they are what makes us human and they are manifestations of our inner life. Crying, shouting and laughing are all parts of natural expression. Don’t suppress them, learn to know and share what you feel.

Open your heart to art

Italy is an open-air museum, every corner exudes history, culture, art. Get close to these things: experience the wonders of the ancient world, admire the works of great painters, read a classic book, watch a foreign film, enjoy a play, write a poem. They are the kind of activities that heal and uplift the spirit!

Simplify your life

If you’ve ever spent a summer in Italy, you know that the dolce vita is not a saying but a lifestyle. Keep it simple, learn to appreciate who you are, and free your life of the things that hold you back from enjoying it to the fullest: things that add stress or mess, that don’t make you feel good or that don’t allow you to connect with yourself and with others on a deeper level.

Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself is a gesture of love and a necessity. On the other hand, mens sana in corpore sano. The ideal of Italians is to be the best possible version of themselves. That’s why we are so obsessed with how we live, what we eat and what we wear. Treating yourself well improves your mood, makes you feel good and puts you at ease with yourself and with those are around you.

Be more carefree

Italians are really good at making friends and starting a conversation. Don’t be surprised if they treat you as if you have been known each other for a long time and start talking to you about extremely personal things after just 5 minutes you’ve met them!
We love meeting people and participate with cheerfulness and involvement. There are no off-limits topics. And of course we accompany every word with eloquent gestures… that is what we are most famous for!

So, which lifestyle tips have you decided to adopt to feel more Italian? Please add your comment below.

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