Eight Pre Wedding Activities for your Amalfi Coast wedding

An Amalfi Coast pre-wedding day is an opportunity to welcome your guests! Here the best ideas for an unforgettable pre wedding

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amalfi coast pre wedding day

How to build the perfect weekend wedding in Italy

Top 8 pre wedding ideas to elevate your destination wedding in Italy

Pre Wedding Day on the Amalfi Coast

A little celebration, a little vacation: this is the beauty of getting married on the Amalfi Coast! A destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast is always a good way to combine the joy of the birth of a new family with the carefree nature of a family holidays thanks to a weekend wedding.

And a pre-wedding activity is an opportunity to greet and welcome your guests who have traveled a lot just to share such a significant moment for you!

Pre Wedding Day on the Amalfi Coast
What a Pre Wedding Day is?
Invitation for pre wedding
Etiquette for Pre Wedding Day
Building the experience
Advices from our wedding planner

What a Pre Wedding Day is?

A pre-wedding day is an experience that aims to set the general mood, load expectations for the most important day and give a first taste of what will be. It can take different forms, from a themed party to a simple rehersal dinner. It usually takes place 1 or 2 days before the wedding, but if you are planning a destination wedding then you should schedule it for the day the guests are expected to arrive.

Traditionally, the groom’s family is responsible for the welcome party before the wedding, however, this custom is rapidly falling into disuse as the celebrations began to prolong and include both pre and post wedding activities.

As a result, families began joining forces to host and celebrate the entire weekend as a united group.

Invitation for pre wedding

In 80% of cases, destination couples decide to include the entire group to the pre-wedding as a warm gesture of gratitude. This is not a fixed rule: when the guest list is particularly long, it may happen that the sponses decide to invite only the dearest ones: their families and / or the bridal party.

Etiquette for Pre Wedding Day

When it comes to inviting guests to extra activities, the advice is to opt for personalized suites: if the pre wedding activities have a “limited number”, make sure that the insert cards relating to the extra events are present only in the invitations of those who have to take part to it. If, on the other hand, you think to add the whole group, then use the wedding website to convey to guests everything they need to know about the amazing events you have planned. Be as descriptive as possible, including suggestions on clothing and footwear, maps of the area, and any phone numbers that might be helpful to guests when planning their time.

Building the experience

When planning your welcome party, prioritize the enjoyment of your guests. Build the experience so that everyone feels as a part of the celebration. A successful pre-wedding activity must mark a boundary between what was the routine life before landing in Italy and the exceptional weekend wedding in which they will participate within 24-48 hours! Here are some of our proposals for fun pre wedding parties:

1. Pizza Party

This is certainly the most requested welcome by our wedding couples. An Amalfi Coast pizza party allows you to immediately enter an engaging Italian party atmosphere. Also, don’t forget that you are in the place where the real Neapolitan pizza was invented! Nowhere else in the world you can taste a better one!

2. Family Picnic

For nature lovers we propose family picnics in the secret gardens of the Amalfi Coast, among ancient ruins and breathtaking views. An experience of this type allows you to see the most genuine and wild face of Italy, as well as take fantastic trails and visit suggestive places away from mass tourism.

3. Engagement Session

The Amalfi Coast offers a wide variety of locations and it is not unusual for those are about to get married to have a photo session, the latest as an engaged couple! Rent a nice vintage car and set off with your photographer and a small group of guests – maybe the Bridal Party – to take many beautiful postcards photos in the most iconic corner in Amalfi Coast. You can deliver these images to your guests after the event as a thank you for joining the wedding: they will surely become a sweet reminder and a family heirloom.

4. Tours

Thanks to its strategic position, the Amalfi Coast is an excellent base camp for your excursions. Plan one or more tours for your guests, to discover the beauties of Italy. You can also select different options and let each guest choose their favorite destination. Our suggestions? Pompeii, Capri, Sorrento, Naples and boat excursions!

5. Tasting and Cooking Classes

For a more formal welcome, but one that makes your guests savor the flavor of the local culture, we suggest tastings and cooking classes. The region is famous for its wines, lemons and pasta so there are so many experiences you add to your weekend on the Amalfi Coast. A few examples?

Book a workshop to learn how to make lasagna, handmade pasta or pizza

Visit a local winery and taste awarded wines

Take a stroll in the lemon grove and prepare your limoncello according to the original recipe

6. Aperitivo in the Piazza

The aperitif in the square is a small ritual for Italians! It is a pre-meal drink accompanied by small savory snacks that takes place between 5 and 8 pm, specially designed to whet the appetite. It is a time to meet with friends, enjoy a well-deserved cocktail and reflect on the day and future plans. Including a welcome drink is an inexpensive and fun way to get the group together after check in and welcome them!

7. Beach Party

If you are sporty people, a beach party is for you! On the Amalfi Coast you can rent a beach club just for you and your guests, to have fun all together between a dip in the sea and relaxation under the sun.  You can even rent a real spa on the beach with a hydromassage pool, sauna, chromotherapy and much more! In addition, many beach clubs have their own in-house catering for a delicious meal of freshly caught fish.

8. Ceramics and Painting Workshops

For artistic souls, what about a local crafts workshop to learn how to work with ceramics? Vietri’s artisanal artworks are famous all over the world, but you can also learn how make jewelry or sandals or paint beautiful landscapes on canvas. These experiences may not be for everyone, but for those who appreciate beauty and art, it is a must!

Advices from our wedding planner

Ultimately, pre wedding activities can be anything you want, from a total white dinner to a pirate party by the pool! Here are some tips from our wedding planner to make the day before the wedding even more unforgettable!

1. Personalize your party

The secret to connecting your guests in an activity that is meaningful to you is to create a focal point that brings together both guests who already know each other and those who are just friends of the groom and the bride. This allows them to break the ice, make new friends, feel part of the party and therefore… have more fun! Even the most shy of your guests shouldn’t stay on the sidelines during the party, so give to everybody a chance to move and interact: a dance floor, an open bar, an ice cream cart or group games are all valid options!

2. Welcome on a budget

If you don’t have a budget that allows you to pay for extra activities, don’t worry! Welcome bags and hospitality suites are viable cheaper alternatives to make everyone feel loved and appreciated. A welcome bag or basket should include some pieces that are both useful and convey a sense of home: local gastronomic products such as wine, oil or lemon sweets are perfect for this purpose.

What do you think of these pre wedding ideas? We hope you liked it and we will be happy to suggest others for your wedding post! Write to hello@amalfisoiree for more information.


Credits: Photo by Sergio Sorrentino

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