Couples separated by lockdown: how to reach your love in another country

Resources for binational couples separated because of covid-19

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couples separated by lockdown

As a consequence of the closure of the borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of unmarried binational couples and entire families have been separated for months

it is the movement that asks to the governments to allow the international travels “for love”

“212 days and we’re still counting”: these are the words of one of the many binational couples who have been separated for 5, 7, or even 9 months because of the lockdown.
It breaks my heart to read about lovers whose last hug dates back to December. Can you imagine how hard it must be for these people, having to stay away for so long and having to face these difficulties “alone”?
While in Europe, with the opening of the borders, it is now a little easier to reach another member state, the situation for those who live in different continents or in states on alert is still blocked.

This is why the #loveisnottourism movement was born:

Love is essential, and international travels for unmarried and married couples should also be.

These couples are ready for anything to see each other again: self-paid tests, mandatory quarantine (14 days), solemn self-declaration (with attached evidence attesting the relationship: photos, videos, chats, airline tickets, reservations, other), everything.
I invite you to visit for more info and sign the petition. Thanks to this collective effort Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Czechia, Iceland and Austria have already allowed unmarried couples and families to visit their most important people.
Let’s help these people. It’s important.
Ps. Today in Berlin there will be a demonstration in favor of the movement. I hope this has positive consequences for a very special couple I’m working with <3


CREDITS: 2Brides Photography

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