Slytherin Bouquet
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Slytherin Bridal Bouquet for Winter Weddings

An exclusive floral recipe for an Amalfi Soirée signature bouquet inspired by Draco Malfoy and the Harry Potter saga

#dracotok lands in the wedding world with this beautiful arrangement by Monica Naclerio

In the last week all of my social media, and Tik Tok in particular, have been invaded by the Draco Mania, and I couldn’t be happier!

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the protagonist of this trend is one of the most fascinating characters in the Harry Potter saga: Draco Malfoy. Thanks to Halloween coming, and the birthday of the actor who plays him, Tom Felton, millenials, and not only, have unleashed their creativity under the hashtags #dracotok and #tomtok.

… scared, #pottah?

As for me, Harry Potter has been my first book and certainly the one that more than any other made me fall in love with the reading. My best friend and I could spend hours talking about Hogwarts – we even tried making the famous Chocolate Frogs once! – and the Slytherin House has always had a special place in my heart. That’s why I’ve decided to give my contribution to the trend by making it land in the world of wedding!

As you know, I don’t particularly like themed weddings, but I love to make sophisticated and delicate quotes and use ideas and inspirations from the most diverse fields: movies, songs, books.

Crafting a bouquet for a Slytherin bride has been an exciting challenge as the colors of this house are truly unusual for a wedding: green, silver and black.

You might think there couldn’t be a more wrong combination but the final result will leave you speachless: the Slytherin arrangement is really, really elegant and unique, perfect for a winter bride. So, here’s my floral recipe for a magical bouquet:

  • 10 Branches of Elderberry
  • 7 Stems of Foxglove (if you can’t find it, try with another flower with a conical and elongated shape: matthiola, delphinium or sweet pea)
  • 10 Stems of Peony
  • 10 Stems of Rose
  • 3 Stems of Calla Lily
  • 5 Stems of Anemone
  • 10 Branches of Viburnum Berries
  • 7 Stems of Hellebore

So, have I bewitched you? Let me know your preferite Hogwarts character.. it could be the inspiration for the next blog post!

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