Lockdown is over!

“To the proper authorities. I am writing in reference to the beautiful days. I want 365 of them.”
“You know Charlie Brown, if you want nice days the best thing is to order them one year at a time.”

– Lucy, Peanuts

There is always a little wisdom where you least expect it, right?
The truth is that if you want a good life you have to work day by day to build it, and have a lot of patience to see the fruits of what you have sown. Sometimes you have to wait years, sometimes the end of a pandemic! But the beautiful days always come for those who do not let themselves be overcome by adversities and external conditions.
As you probably have read, the Italian lockdown is over and we are slowly getting back to normal. We still wear masks, but the shops are open, you can go to the gym by reservation, have an aperitif at the bar and pray in church. Flights from EU locations are permitted from 3rd June without quarantine upon arrival, and from 15th June for the rest of the world. We have waited a long time for this, and we are happy that the worst is behind us.
Over the past weeks, I have often suggested to the brides 2020 to wait up to 2 months before the wedding date to decide to postpone or cancel their wedding, especially if their event had less than 50 guests. Now that the situation has reversed, with their countries of origin that are sometimes blighted by the virus, I understand that many of them have decided to postpone to the next year – no ifs and buts. A difficult choice, but one that I understandable: what is more important than keeping your loved ones safe? or, how to convince them to travel when their mood is not to party?
Having received and planned several postponements, I know how traumatic they can be: a postponement is not a simple change of date, and has direct consequences in the life of the couple. There are those who had a wedding and then a pregnancy in their mind and had to rethink their life plan; who has a sick family member and fears that his health conditions may deteriorate from here to a year; who thought to leave the work after the marriage and now must resist other 12 or more months. For spring weddings, the postponement has been an obligatory choice, and also the ideal solution, even when there hasn’t been much freedom for the choice of the new date. But if your event was scheduled for late August or autumn I recommend you to think twice before postponing: Italy is coming back to being a safe place. So, consider these options:
– a romantic elopement: only you and your partner, and an intimate ceremony in a dream location overlooking the sea
– a lovely miniwedding: celebrate only with your dearest loved ones, those you can’t really give up
– downsize the party: if your event include more than 30-50 guests, reduce the guest list and travel with a small group.
Aaaaw! Isn’t it nice to think to the beautiful days that are waiting for you?
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