Postponement Etiquette

Let’s talk about gratutide, postponements and etiquette, a topic that I think will be very popular in these days.

Photo Ferdinando Imperati | Ring Taya Gioielli

The first thing to do is, needless to say, to warn all your guests of the date change as soon as you have the definitive confirmation, even by phone or email.
If your event is in an area at risk, or in a sensitive period, they are certainly anxious about the situation, and knowing about the postponement will cheer them up and clarify their ideas about what to do with their flights and bookings.
The second thing you can do, especially if you are in quarantine, is to send a brief note to each guest. It is not necessary to re-print the entire wedding suite, indeed the fact that it is a message on your preferite instant messaging app, especially if it is a vocal, that reveals your authentic thoughts, will certainly be more appreciated (and will limit the work of couriers and postmen in such a delicate moment)
This is an exercise of gratitude and love, and also a good way to pour your stress. Let them know your mood in this moment, the reasons that pushed you to postpone, and, above all, how important it is for you to have them at your wedding, regardless of the fact that it takes place in spring or summer.
Ps. Check my Insta Stories for a template of postponement announcement

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