Tips for the perfect timeline

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets” it was said in a famous movie and the absolute truth of this statement can’t be discussed. We are women, we love secrets. Easy, right?
Well, today I’m going to reveal one as a wedding planner. The only way not to be late on your wedding day schedule is.. to plan the delay!

Exactly, we are not supernatural creatures able of rolling up the time as we wish (even if having a Harry Potter’s Time Turner would not be bad), we simply play in advance by predicting when the party is likely to delay and by inserting in the timeline some “buffer breaks” that allow you to make up for lost time in case of need.
That’s enough? Unfortunately no! Having a planner doesn’t have to make the bride feel invincible. Move away from the agreed program more than necessary and the domino effect is assured. And at that point not even the “buffer pauses” will avoid that the ceremony slides an hour later! Alas, I have experienced also this truth in my work: better to discuss all the details, including and especially those of the last minute, with your planner. Only in this way she will be able to help you and rearrange the timeline according to your needs.
Shush, don’t tell anyone!

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