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Your answered question about lockdown and weddings

I’d say it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room again!
I am personally in contact with several brides in this moment of great difficulty, and the thing that is most perceived in the world of wedding is uncertainty.
While until few weeks ago we embraced the hope that after the quarantine in Italy everything would slowly get back to normal, now that the coronavirus has spread everywhere the climate is much less relaxed and it is really difficult to predict how things will go. Will the Italian quarantine really end in May or will it be prolonged? What months do we consider good for getting married?

I will answer with what I know now (read: everything can change depending on how the situation evolves). The Italian quarantine should end in early May, but the opening of the different types of activities to the public will be gradual: in general, the activities that are most likely to cause aggregation (bars, gyms and yes, weddings) as last. For this reason, as a wedding planner, I believe that we must consider at least 2 months after the end of the quarantine before it is possible to celebrate a wedding. The months that are “certain” are those autumnal and probably August, while for the elopements something could be done even in July. We’ll have to see!
In fact, there are some variables that could compromise your wedding in Italy even in fall, and even if Italy returns to normal completely, for example:

  • if travel restrictions will be applied by Italy or by your country of origin
  • if special conditions will be required to enter the country (for example, 2 weeks of quarantine for who travels)
  • if there is an active outbreak in your country.

If after reading all this you feel frustrated, be objective: I have just described all the worst scenarios that could occur but no one can say if they will happen. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the postponement of your event, get in touch with me. I’ll be happy to help you!

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