Weekend Wedding: what is it?

There is really no better way for welcoming your guests in Italy than a welcome party the day before the wedding. And since we’re in the capital of good food, what about a Pizza Party?

The Wedding Weekend is certainly the most desired package of Amalfi Soirée, because it allows you to combine the joy of the celebration with the lightheartedness of a group vacation with friends and families! Boat trips, limoncello tours, cooking classes, water sports, sunset photo sessions and dinners on the rooftop in the days before or after the ceremony are just some of the activities that you can add to your wedding experience, so that your guests can live unforgettable moments in Amalfi Coast.
I know this may seems a bad time for booking a destination wedding, and that very few people really want to travel. But do you know what? Revenge Shopping! Revenge Shopping is what is happening now in China: people want to regain the control of their lives, to live the experiences that they have missed during the lockdown. I am sure that at the end of the quarantine all over the world there will be a common feeling of “revenge traveling”!
We all will want to leave our homes for a brief vacation, for tasting the life, enjoying the beauty of the world, being together with those who we love and that make us feel special. The love of life cannot be stopped! So before even I book my ticket for Thailand – it’s crazy but I’ve discovered a kung fu and meditation retreat that seems perfect for a sporty and spiritual human like me – what about saving your 2021 date?
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Photographer: @laceandluce | Wedding Planner and Designer: @amalfisoiree
As seen on @martha_weddings

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