✨My 7 top tips to add a personal touch to your wedding✨

The really cool thing about wedding details is that they don’t have to be expensive for being memorable! And the more personal they are, the more touching they are… let’s see some:

Stationery Amalfi Soiree – Photo Lace and Luce Photography
  1. Signature Cocktail: a refreshing drink after the ceremony is always welcome. Make sure it is customized according to the taste of groom and yours
  2. Place Cards with message: leaving a handwritten message on the back of the placecard is a little gesture of thanks that won’t go unnoticed. “This really made the guests feel welcomed and appreciated” A mother of the bride confessed to me some months ago.
  3. Dress code: communicate the color palette to the guests and ask them to respect it. This will make them feel part of something – ah, the power of colors -, just like it happens in the stadium with many strangers wearing the t-shirt of the same team.
  4. Hashtag: Encourage the happy guests to post their photos by creating a hashtag. You can publish it on your wedding website or print it on signs to maximize the shared photos.
  5. Pets: if you have a four-legged friend take it with you… yes, even if it is a destination wedding! I’d like to talk about this in the next posts
  6. Napkins: you can print the gold wedding monogram on the napkins or hand write a funny message for each guest. For example, a couple wrote things like: “Hey, the bride is the one in white” or “John this is a napkin: use it!” What a laugh!
  7. Favor: in choosing wedding favors you can really be creative! For example, some clients of mine have the family tradition of collecting Christmas balls from all over the world. For them, hand-painted Christmas balls in local ceramic with landscapes of the Amalfi Coast … isn’t it perfect?
    So, all these cues have turned on your light bulb? What idea would you like to incorporate into your event and why?As for me, as a wedding planner in Italy, I love to use design details like these to build a meaningful experiences for my couples and their guests. On the other hand, it happens once in a lifetime to get married in such an amazing place, don’t you think?


Photo @laceandluce | Shoes @bellabelleshoes

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