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You are a passionate and creative bride dreaming about your perfect day

You are inspired by love, beauty and nature.
You look for good quality in everything, but you don't care too much about brands.
You are curious, that's why you like to travel, and you love to collect stories and adventures that one day you will tell your grandchildren.
Your partner is the most thoughtful person ever, who makes everyone feel appreciated, and wants to see you happy all the time. You both can't wait to be in Italy to exchange a spaghetti kiss in the homeland of the good food.
The most important thing for you is to have everyone enjoys your wedding day. You dream about an intimate, effortless celebration with the people who matter most to you that cheer up the party.
If this is a bit you, you will love working with Amalfi Soirée.

Here power failed my high imagining;
but, like a smoothly moving wheel, that Love
was now revolving my desire and will, which moves the sun and all the other stars.
The Divine Comedy, Paradiso XXXIII Dante Alighieri

Our approach,
your Wedding Experience

Our passion is working with clients who put their wedding first rather than their wedding day, taking care to create a foundation for it rather than spending countless hours planning the day.
True feelings are more important than the color of the ribbon of your bouquet, and while the engagement period is a journey, we would like you and your partner to enjoy every moment of it while we organize the details.
We understand that at the time of the marriage proposal our clients do not receive additional hours to their day. And surely those wonderful weddings you've seen in the most popular blogs don't happen by accident. The truth is, you don't have time to meet dozens of suppliers, and distance and language can be an additional challenge.
Our experience has already taught us who are the best and most reliable vendors in the area. Our clients meet only one vendor: us. Our team meets with everyone else. This gives you time to finish up the final year of school, to achieve your goals, to work full time and, most importantly, to enjoy your life as fiancée while a dream wedding is orchestrated for you by industry experts.

Amalfi Soirée:
bespoke weddings and elopements on the Amalfi Coast

Once again, congratulations on your engagement!
I am thrilled that you are considering the Amalfi Coast as the background for your celebration and I would love to join you in creating your perfect day.
As a wedding planner and designer, I feel that my mission is
to create moments of pure love and beauty through original designs and careful planning of the details.
And I do this through Amalfi Soirée, a splendid place made up of creative, passionate and competent people.

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Amalfi Soirée
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