5 Destination Wedding Trends 2021

The 2021 wedding trends for your destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast, with a look at the coronavirus situation

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destination wedding trends 2021

The 2021 wedding trends on the Amalfi Coast, with a look at the coronavirus situation

A must-do wedding guide for your Amalfi Coast elopement

Romance is coming, don’t get caught unprepared!

The warm winter hugs, the hot coffees and the magical atmosphere make the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas the most romantic of the year. Kisses under the mistletoe and proposals under the tree are behind the corner and many excited future brides begin to dream. So here are some trends for the destination wedding 2021 – covid edition, our contribution to the tenderest winter mood!

1. Eliminate the stress

This year, needless to hide it, has been very difficult and challeging for each of us. Many of next year’s events are the postponements from 2020 – some couples have changed the dates even two or three times in an attempt to have a wedding by the year. You can imagine the stress associated with these changes but also the mental strength of who, despite the pandemic, have not canceled and renounced the love dream of having a celebration in Italy.

In light of this, it is clear that the common feeling is the desire of eliminating stress and living the wedding day with joy and light-heartedness. The number one way to take the stress out is to hire a wedding planner to lighten the load. Staying on budget and having a person to manage all the vendors helps you to plan in a more relaxed way while keeping stress levels low.

2. Family holidays

We have experienced the discomfort of the lockdown in recent months. Our social life shrank to a minimum and we have been isolated for days from friends and relatives, sometimes as a precaution, sometimes because of the goverment restrictions.

With the return to the normality – that we all hope will happen soon given the good results had with  vaccines -, the desire to be together and share moments of happiness will also return. We are 100% sure that you will like the idea of taking advantage of your Amalfi Coast destination wedding in order to have a nice family vacation. The period from May to October is ideal: the warm sun makes boat trips pleasant and the sea invites you to build new memories on the beach!

3. Micro wedding

These quarantine times have highlighted what is essential. They helped us to define new priorities and made us understand the importance of authentic relationships. So why not organize an intimate ceremony and an unforgettable celebration with the people that are closest to your heart?

Micro weddings will be a trend for a while and we are here for it! Fewer people means you can devote more time and attention to those who matter most. Plus, it also gives you the option to splurge on some items that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford with a larger group.

4. Go big

If you have postponed your wedding to 2021, then what seems like an impediment could instead be an opportunity! You have more time to plan, but also more time to save, which gives you more options to go big for your wedding. Pick up some little glitz, hire some extra entertainment, book more flowers and elevate the level of your event.

And if you want to dream big, what about some pre and post wedding activities? A welcome pizza party on the Amalfi Coast is a must and is always greatly appreciated by the guests looking for the famous Italian Bella Vita!

5. Wedding layout

The pandemic has changed the wedding industry in ways we didn’t suspect. I refer to the rules that many countries have adopted during the year to cope with the spread of the virus, in particular the interpersonal distances. Some of these restrictions are likely to apply for some time after the end of the pandemic. It is therefore good to be flexible and plan according to the rules.

Bye bye to imperial tables with 50 seats for side! For next year the tables for 6 and 8 people will be back in the limelight, and this is not too bad. A well-organized reception can be wonderful with any layout. Moreover, the breathtaking landscape of the Italian costline always enriches any tablescape!

Bonus: Plan your green wedding

The day of your wedding is certainly one of the most beautiful of your life, but it is also the one that risks to have the worst environmental impact ever: it is estimated that on average 20 kg of plastic waste is generated for each wedding, as well as leftover food, polluting floral foam, paper goods, non-biodegradable confetti and balloons. In short, your dream of love can be an environmental nightmare.

The good news is that planning a sustainable and ethical wedding is no more complicated than planning a less environmentally friendly event.
Using local vendors, zero km food, seasonal flowers and recyclable materials are just a few ideas for hosting a wedding without waste.
Browse the 77diamonds.com guide and discover all the ways you can have a green wedding!

If you want to know more about 2021 Amalfi Cost destination wedding or our services, do not hesitate to contact us at hello@amalfisoiree.com We will be happy to plan with you in style!

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