We offer different levels of service and different services:
choose what best suits your needs.

No. 01
Perfect for the bride who appreciates a more aesthetically focused approach.
No. 02
For who wants help in the planning and creative processes, for any type of party or celebration.
No. 03
Planning services for events lasting three days or more.
No. 04
Planning services for honeymoons, exclusive holidays.
No. 05
We offer styling services to meet any needs: photo shootings, workshops or marketing for products or brands.We always welcome creativity.



Our tasks

More than a duty, it is a pleasure: To get to know you and build a strong relationship between planner and couple.

To relieve the stress, the anxiety and the confusion that a wedding creates.

To understand your needs and the type of event you want.

To guide you through the selection of the most appropriate places according to your preferences and your budget.

To assist you in the bureaucratic process if you are planning a civil or religious marriage in Italy.

To provide advices regarding logistics and honeymoon plans.

To help you understanding the costs and the services available for a destination wedding in Italy.

To establish a comfortable communication and be in constant correspondence via e-mail in order to ensure that your wedding plans are exactly as you wish.

To inspect locations with you.

To create a wedding concept and theme.

To design your ideal color palette.

To study the wedding trends to be incorporated into your event.

To find the furniture, the props and everything you need to convert your vision into reality.

To customize foods and drinks according to your tastes, your food restrictions and the theme of the party.

To customize the staff service at the accommodation facilities.

To search for entertainment and music, even traditional local.

To provide the celebrant for the religious, civil or symbolic ceremony.

To connect you with local and international suppliers.

To plan and book accommodation and transportation for your guests.

To manage RSVP and create the seating plan.

To assist you in handling the international shipping (for example, wedding dress).

To satisfy your special requests.

To design and set up your dream wedding.

To negotiate the contracts with the vendors.

To work side by side with service providers to make sure your day runs smoothly.

To ensure you get the best services, quality and prices.

To provide an on-site coordinator for the wedding day.

To coordinate activities and itineraries for you and your in case of events lasting 3 or more days.

To create the designs, from the tablescapes to the decorations, including the floral ones, from the lighting to the drapery, from the website to the wedding cake.

To supervise all the work done by the hired suppliers.

To assist you in the coordination of all activities related to the event.

To draw up a shared work schedule for the management of the different activities.

To track the wedding costs and draw up a supplier payment plan.

To manage the last minute details.

To prepare the wedding program for the couple.

To prepare the timeline and the custom itineraries for you and for each of the vendors.

To collect your post-event comments.

To send a little thank you gift to each guest.

Other Services


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