Breathtaking, intimate and truly warm-hearted: it's Positano, the most iconic town on the Amalfi Coast,
the perfect destination for all the couples who dream about a romantic elopement in South Italy.

"It is impossible to leave from here", the German painter Paul Klee wrote in his diary and he was not the only artist who no longer wanted to go away from Positano, after having experienced its incredible natural beauty. It is difficult, infact, to imagine a place more similar than this to an enchanted canvas, wonderful backdrop for elopements and mini-weddings.
Positano seen from the sea appears almost like a striated shell of different colors. The green of the Lattari Mountains crowns the triumph of white, pink and yellow of little houses in Mediterranean style, the silver gray of the beaches and the deep blue of the ocean. A seductive place where love dreams can come true. Despite the long years of experience as destination wedding planner, we are always very impressed by the genuine attraction of the couples for the romantic Positano private villas, which offer a breathtaking view on the island of Capri, good food and unparalleled hospitality. In Positano you will find a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, and the warmth of the local population will melt even the coldest heart, wrapping it in its fairy magic. We too, as Positano event designers, love being inspired by this beautiful town, by its splendid pastel sunsets and by the typical marine architecture. Positano is one of those places that seem to come out of a film, and where you and your guests can really enjoy extra-ordinary, joyful experiences: you can hike along the panoramic paths, relax on a sunny beach, go shopping in the shops of the local craftmen - well-known ceramics, precious jewelry, handmade sandals -, attend a cooking class or even prepare your homemade limoncello!
It will be our pleasure to help you plan the activities of your wedding weekend or your wedding day in an impressive wedding location like this. Designing Fine Arts events is, for luxury designers like us, much more than putting together the team of vendors you need: for us it is instead about turning your aspirations and desires into reality, and planning the best day of the your lives. Whether it's a wedding, an elopement, an engagement or a marriage proposal, with Positano the wow effect is guaranteed! If you wish to find out more informations about our services as an Amalfi Coast wedding planner and designer, feel free to contact us directly. We can not wait to meet you!


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I contacted Monica from Amalfi Soirée to help me plan a surprise proposal in Capri, Italy.
She went above and beyond to bring my imagination to life. I am so glad to have been able to work with Monica. She is an absolute gem.
My fiance and I are forever grateful for an absolutely unforgettable day.


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