The heart of my planning and design process can be summed up
in three simple words: tell, create, share.

We want our clients not to be trapped in a "standard package", because their event is not one like the others. We like instead when the work process is an open and transparent dialogue, which allows us to better serve you and your particular needs!
Every wedding is different from the others, so my work flow provides that for each proposal it is drawn up a personalized expense plan for the couple.
We strive to understand your love story in order to communicate it in an authentic and sincere way on your wedding day. We want your event to really tell that story in the most amazing way possible!
Each proposal is based on your answers to the questionnaire and is based on what has been said at our first contact. It is essential for us that the style of the event fully reflects your personality as a couple, that is in line with your vision and that is a unique and exciting experience for you and your guests.
We put great care in creating your day so that it is really perfect. A person's life is made of many days, but that of his/her wedding is perhaps the most significant for the most of us.
It is an honor for us to see couples of lovers who entrust me that day and we do our best, planning and designing every detail as they have always desired it. It is an enormous responsibility, that for us has an immense value and fills our heart with joy.
We believe that what makes a wedding truly special is the possibility of sharing the joy of your love with those persons that fills our lives with emotions: our friends and our family, especially those who live far away!
We want you have something of beautiful, deep, intimate and tangible to remember when you'll think about your big day in the future. Your story is important and deserves to be lived and shared.
This is why we surround ourselves with expert, passionate and creative suppliers, that allow us to offer an unique treatment to you and to your guests, so that all the people involved can see and touch your love, live a fulfilling experience and keep happy memories.

Our Services


Creative Process

We will work collectively with industry professionals to bring coherently your signature in your wedding.
The creative process begins when you fill out our Vision Questionnaire, which you have access to by requesting our e-brochure from the Contact page of our website. This is followed by an initial consultation, in order to discuss the details, the inspirations and your wishes for your special day, and, above all, a short Wedding Proposal in which we illustrate some ideas and translate your answers to the questionnaire in pictures, numbers and words.
This will help you to understand what to expect from our work, and if we are the right agency to create the wedding of your dreams.
If the proposal is to your liking, you can request to block the date on our calendar. If you want more details you can request an Extended Proposal, at the cost of € 300. After having signed the contract, we will draw up a payment plan for you and customize a Design Board to define the color palette, the design elements and the inspirational images.
You will choose the location from our Venue List, a selection of 5-star facilities that are characterized by the breathtaking landscapes, goodness of the kitchen, high level of service and courtesy of the staff.
After the inspection and the choice of the menu, we will create a more detailed proposal adapted to the needs of your event investigating, in a special way, how to involve the 5 senses of your guests, how to introduce the wow factor and the most popular wedding trends and how to tell your story through the design.
If requested, we will support you in the bureaucratic procedures to obtain a legal marriage in Italy with validity also in your country.
We will also select and manage the entire creative team to ensure a unique and consistent direction: for example, photography, videography, floral items, furniture rental, marquee, lighting, drapes, linens, stationery, calligraphy, cake design, attire, DJ, celebrant and any other supplier. We will review vendors' contracts and assist you with the budget and timeline management.
We will be in touch for styling sessions throughout the planning process. One month before your event we will finalize the latest project documents, such as planimetries, sketches, seating plan, emergency contact list and plan B. We will confirm your suppliers 2 weeks before your wedding, as well as coordinating and collaborating with them on the day of event.
It is advisable to start planning at least 12 - 8 months before the event date in case of destination weddings, but you can book at any time.


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